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Design Principles

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Feature Guide

To-do list, Free Your Mind

Add Tasks

Effective Reminder Feature

Manage Tasks with Group & Sort

Kanban View: Categorize and Manage Tasks

Timeline View: A Game-Changer for Project Management

Schedule Planning, Clear at a Glance

Week View - Easy Planning of Weekly Schedule

Month View - Monthly Review and Reflection

List View - View Tasks by Day

Calendar Subscriptions

Prioritized Tasks, Efficient Achievement

How to Use Eisenhower Matrix

How to Edit the Rules for Eisenhower Matrix

Efficient Focus, Improved Productivity

How to Start Focus?

How to Maintain Focus?


Focus Statistics

Consistent Check-ins, Self-improvement Boost

Start a New Habit

Better Achieve Habits

Unique Features

Timeline View

Lighter Gantt chart, clear view of time scheduling.

Cross-Platform Support

Enhance productivity with cross-platform support and easy syncing.

️ Widgets

Customize your workspace with a variety of widgets for quick access.

Desktop Sticky Notes

Keep your to-dos front and center with desktop Sticky Notes.

Notes and Summary

Collect information and save inspiration anytime, anywhere.

Desktop Shortcuts

Streamline your workflow with keyboard shortcuts and command menus.