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Outlook plugin in your pipeline?
Hi! I am a new user/subscriber and am loving so many things about TickTick! I am in the process of moving from Todoist to TickTick. One thing I'm looking for in an app like this is that I want it to be a pervasive collector of tasks -- matter where I am, I can create a task into my one task-management platform. For this reason I currently love the Todoist Outlook plugin (sadly, I am forced to use Outlook for work).

I don't see an Outlook plugin available, so I want to ask: is it in your development pipeline?
You can get it here

I hope you have better luck with it, I can't get it to install.
Hi there,

Do you receive any messages when you can't install the plugin? Could you please send us a screenshot?
The Outlook plugin is working for me - thank you! Is it possible to set up a keyboard shortcut to create a task from within Outlook?
Hi Guys,
I'm a Mac user and I "do" use Outlook for Mac. I see this Outlook Addin as a .exe (I guess for Windows)..

any chance to have it also for Mac?

I've received an error when trying to install the plugin...

Customized functionality in this application will not work because the certificate used to sign the deployment manifest for TickforOutlook or its location is not trusted.
Outlook plugin good, but
1. I can't choice list to save task
2. I can't add e-mail as attachment

Will it be done?
I get an error trying to download the install file on Windows 10.

"An error occurred trying to download"

For anyone running into the error message that Travis is receiving while installing it, visit this Microsoft Dock...

Start from 'Enabling the ClickOnce Trust Prompt'

Basically a registry change that will allow you to install the Add In
Outlook AddIn is not usable at least in a professional environment.

• Html eMails with hyperlinks are shown nearly unreadable in TickTick.
• To add emails as attachment in TickTick will not be offered.
• eMail attachments are ignored .

95% of professional workers use MS Outlook. It would really make sense to invest here.
I coming from todoist and was glad to see that this is working flawlessly for me in tick tick.
I just installed the Outlook Addin, it reports successfull installation, however I can not find any ticktick icon in my outlook app. Am I missing anything?
I am using windows 10 with the Outlook App.
SOLVED: I'm facing the VSTO install error, anyone a solution on this?
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