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Auto-sync not working anymore
Oneplus 5T, recently upgraded to the Android 10 (OxygenOS 10.0.0).

The Ticktick app on the phone does not seem to be syncing automatically anymore. Is this a known problem?
I'm using Android 10 and it's working for me currently.
OnePlus 7, OxygenOS 10 here. I need to open application to sync data. I waited even for a few days - no automatic sync in background. It's very annoying while using windows and android clients concurrently. I can't rely on synchronization when ending task in one client - i need to open android app and run sync manually. Sync does not work even if i end task from the popup reminder menu, which is super annoying..
Hi there,

Sorry for the trouble. Could you please check if TickTick is locked in the system background?

Please Click the system "Square" virtual key when running TickTick, then click the "Lock" icon at the top-right corner on "TickTick" in system background to lock. Or you need to swipe down TickTick to lock on some devices.
Yes, app is locked in the system. I had "intelligent battery optimization" turned on. I turned it off - will monitor in following days
Same here - Ticktick was already locked, but intelligent optimization was also switched on.
Just turned it off, will observe...
Hi there,

I've experienced the same issue on Android 10 despite the turned off battery optimization feature.
A simple re-installation resolved that.
Ok, will try re-installation
android 9, battery optimization turned off, backgroud sync does not work, have to open the app manually
re-installation didn't help in my case :c
Seems that full reinstallation did work for me.
Hi guys,

Could you please kindly check if you've enabled auto-launch, run in background for TickTick?
On Oxygen OS there is no auto-launch options, this permission is automatically granted as far as i know. There is no "run in background" either, but i turned off battery optimization and pinned the application in tasks view
re-installation fixed the issue for me, I'm running lineageOS, I started to notice it after the IFTTT update
Auto-sync not working anymore on version 5.7.0 installed in my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro.
A few days ago some problems appeares:
1. synchronization failed.
2. sign in disable (both: by email and google acc) with message "Sign in failed, please check the network".
Android 4.4.2
Thanks for your attention.
Hi @un_char,

We have tried to fix this issue. Could you please kindly try again?
hi, Xin.
wow! works correct! thank you! cheers!
Is TickTick converting auto sync to a premium / paid feature?
Auto-sync not working anymore on version 5.7.1 installed in my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro.
Auto-sync not working for me in version 5.7.1 on Android 9.0

It's been broken for weeks now and I keep missing reminders (I set them on my PC and my phone never syncs them) so I'm currently trialing Todoist to see if they've fixed enough to make it worth going back to. It's working fine so far, so I'll see how it goes and if TickTick can get this fixed or not.
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