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Completed Sub-Tasks Not Staying Completed
When I have a task open and editing the sub-tasks in the right window pane I check the box to mark a sub-task complete and it moves to the bottom with a checked box and greyed out. Then up on top right when I toggle between Sub-tasks/Text it removes the checked box and turns the text white when i switch to text. I toggle back to sub-tasks and the task i marked completed is still at the bottom of the list but its no longer greyed-out and no longer marked completed.

This is on both Web and Windows Client.

Hi there,

We are afraid this is the expected behavior matching how design works now. Your feedback will be noted as a feature request to the product team for future consideration though.
So its a software bug? Otherwise it appears illogical to undo a done task simply because of a view change.
Hi there,

It would be more like a featuer we don't support instead of a bug. Your opinion has been noted and product team will evaluate it.
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