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"All Day" Tasks being cut off on Week View
My All Day tasks at the top of the Week view are no longer showing up unless I manually drag the bar down.
It used to be where it'd auto resize to fit all your all day tasks in and you could click a small arrow if you wanted to see even more.
This is very inconvenient as I didn't even realize it was cutting off tasks at first.
Now I am constantly needing to drag the top bar down/up while scrolling through the weeks in week view just to see all my all day tasks at the top.
It was way more efficient and convenient when it would automatically adjust the size of the top bar to include the all day tasks.
I really hope this gets fixed, I don't see why anyone would want to drag the top down further and just have blank space...
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your feedback. We'll bring it up to the product team for further evaluation.
I did find a work around of dragging the bar down low enough where I can see 2 1/2 tasks.
If I have a 3rd task, I'll se part of it and know I need to scroll through to see them.
It'd still be nice to have it just automatically adjust like it used to, but I can live with it like it is if a lot of people are enjoying being able to drag it down.

Thank you for the quick reply, have a great day!
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