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Add subtasks and description from quick-entry
Is there a way to quickly add subtasks and/or description while initially entering the task? Having to search for it after creating the task to add the description and subtasks can get a bit overwhelming when you have many to add. If there could be an icon for subtasks alongside the currently available tags, lists etc icons in quick entry that’d be super useful. Todoist has this issue as well but Things3 has subtasks present in the quick entry so entering tasks are super quick
Hi Amir,

Adding subtasks and description in quick add is not supported yet, we'll bring it up to the product team for evluation though.
@Amir Khader As far as mobile apps go, in the quick add, you will see a small arrow in the upper right corner, clicking on which, it will take you to the insides of the task where you can add description and subtasks. No need to first create a task and then find it to edit it.
@Manthan - I’m aware of this but it’s still an extra step that’s far away from where projects/tags/date already sit in the quick-entry area. It’s nitpicky and definitely not a dealbreaker but that extra step adds up when you’re adding multiple tasks at once so figured I’d flag it to the devs since projects/tags/date are already in that area and some competitors are already saving this step. Would love for TickTick to outmatch everyone with features but also quick usability
@Amir....I will have to agree with you on that..
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