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"Time to Leave"/"Travel Time" feature on Calendar
First of all, congratulations on an amazing app! TickTick is hands down my favorite app on my phone, ended my year-long search of a to-do app. It's so close to replacing multiple apps on my phone as a perfect all-in-one, but it's still missing a couple features that wont quite let me get rid of my calendar app and rely on TickTicks Calendar fully.

With TickTick's built in calendar feature, it's the only to-do app that really lets you use a time-blocking method of planning seamlessly, and its awesome for that. But one thing that would improve if it, is if it you could integrate travel times into the calendar (Apple's stock iOS calendar app does this, and I think a couple others do as well). I don't know what all that would entail, if it's just a API that it needs to be connected to or what, but that would really aid in planning out each day!

Hi Brandon,

Not so sure about the feature request. But we support time zone feature. You may go to Settings - General - Time Zone and enable it. You may check if that fits your needs.
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