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Today needs to show list/categories like Wunderlist did
I've migrated Wunderlist (which I really loved), and TickTick's Today is terrible. It only shows "today" and "completed" without being separated by lists/categories. I run 3 similar companies, and when I look at the Today, I need to quickly identify which company each task is for.
Can this be added or am I missing a way to show the list names in the Today view?

If I understand you correctly, sorting "by list" does exactly what you want.
No, you aren’t understanding my comment. I’ll clarify, an thanks for your help, it’s appreciated!

Yes, you can sort each list individually. I am specifically addressing the TODAY list (which shows entries with a due date from different lists).

When TODAY is opened, it bunches all entries from all lists in no discernible order. The only way to see what list/company each one pertains to is a tiny word in the lower right which says which list it is from. In Wunderlist, the TODAY view clearly separated all entries to do today by the list heading.

When you have multiple companies, I need to quickly see the 30-40 tasks in TODAY by which company it applies to.
Incorrect, you can sort 'today' by list as well.
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