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TickTick win app is available now
An enhanced “Calendar” module is finally launched! For Premium users, enjoy an optimized “Calendar”. More convenient interaction, more powerful functions - come to explore! “Calendar” will become your excellent helper to manage time and arrange tasks. Try it out~

- Supports task view options according to lists, tags and priorities
- Day View and Week View support modifying the area for All Day to show more tasks
- Drag tasks from Month View to the Side Bar to change the list
- “Arrange tasks” according to lists, tags and priorities
- Newly added gesture supports and shortcuts for view switch
- Calendar views are now printable
- Other improvements and bug fixes
Why CANNOT see and finish the tasks that SET AFTER 9 PM?
Any plans to make a portable version (or a version that is available in the Microsoft store?)
The color change is awesome, thank you. Really fucntionaly to color by priority or tag
Thanks! These improvements are useful when doing the weekly planning.
TickTick is evolving beautifully. I hope this new feature will extend to the web version soon. Ideally, we should be able to export a calendar URL for tags and/or priority as well, rather than have our calendar overwhelmed with routine tasks.
This version is really beautiful and smooth. Nice work!
Dear Team
It' will be best if can make tags for sub tasks and filter of name in smart list
thank you
In the filter option it would be nice if I could check more options simultaneously. Especially e.g. subscribed calendars should be selectable simultaneously with others so that when I arrange task, I see appointments in my calendars and don't accidentally arrange tasks on appointment dates.

Thanks for considering.
Thanks for ability to resize description panel! :)

But afer update i just cant type "ś" letter - right alt+s. Instead i have horizontal line.
Hello! 1. Please tell me in what month should I expect to add the Habit section on Windows/Web? I actively use it on my iPhone. It would be great if I could sync Habit with my computer (Windows).
2. When will you add automatic system light/dark theme switching on Windows?
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