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Constant TickTick IOS Crashes with no response
Hi there,

I've been submitting about 50 crash reports through the ios app daily and have submitted multiple feedback requests due to the fact that in the last 1-3 minor releases, ticktick started constantly crashes. Without fail it crashes about 20 seconds after I start it - every time. I haven't received any response from support yet and would appreciate some feedback/next steps.

Hi Troy,

So sorry for the trouble. The devs are still looking into this issue.
Could you please operate on other platforms for temporary use?
We will let you know when we achieve some progress.
Can you provide an update?
The latest test version appears to have fixed the crashes. Thanks!!
I’m getting regular crashes when the app is in the background. Sometimes the crash error comes up 10 times at once. It’s not crashing a lot when the app is open. I’m still using the latest beta you have out.
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