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View pomodoro count per project, folder and/or tag
Let's say I have a goal to spend 10 hours a week working on my side project or studying for a course I'm taking. The information of how long I worked on something already is in TickTick in the form of pomodoros needes per task.

Now I would like to see an area in the statistics where I can see a weekly pomodoro count summed up by project (list), folder and/or tag so I can see if I'm on track on the goals I mentioned above.

The current stats features let me see how many tasks I have completed per project (via the color coding in the chart) which is nice but it doesn't say much about actual productivity - a task could be "send a qick response email" or "complete the programming assignment" - very diffrent in time needed and intensity of foucs.

Have a great day.
Hi Saskia,

Thanks for the feedback. We will bring it up to the product team for future consideraion.
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