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Why did you mess up the app?????
When I found this app, I was very happy, because it was a perfect app with good functions. Then you send the update and it broke the TickTick. Now, this is very bad app, because I need to wait some action for about 1-2 minutes! This not Normal!
Please, return last version or I will remove this app.

Best regards, Paul
Hi Paul,

Could you please specify more on the issue with the new update?

Hi, Bella. Okay
I got new update a few days ago. I instaled it, then the app started to freeze. When I click on the Checkmark, the app freezes for 1-2 minutes and always need to wait for it to unfreeze or restart the app. It really disappoints me=(

Best regards, Paul
Paul, I think the TT team would need more details from you such as what operating system and which version of the app (Windows? Mac? Android? etc.) you're currently using in order to help you out further...
Hi Paul,

Sorry for the trouble.

Could you please provide more details about this problem?
1. Task number(including the completed and uncompleted ones). You may get the statistics by signing into web app, and click avatar - Settings - Profile.
2. Your device version.
3. The capacity of your device disk and the available capacity.

You may send the information by going to Settings - Feedback & Suggestions - Submit Feedback.
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