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Duration for Subtasks - Calendar
You know main tasks can have duration in calendar. For instance I can go gym between 6-8pm. And I can put this in calendar. I would like to this for sub tasks too.

For example, I like to study calculus not a specific time, but when I have free time for whole year. So, I create a task for calculus with no date. So that, I can see that task in arrange tasks anytime I want. But in calculus example it has many sub tasks, such as study limits, .etc. I can make a reminder for sub tasks for putting in calendar, but it will have no duration, so I cannot see my day properly. However, I can put directly my main calculus task in calendar with duration, but this time when I finish that task, I will be deleted. So I have to always create tasks. I can make a project that calculus and make lots of tasks in it. But in this time it will occupy lots of space in arrange task menu. And I cannot see the other things...

So, most basically I just want a see a project or task in arrange task menu, it will occupy only one slot. And only when I click on in I like to see it sub tasks, and basically drag the calendar, with a duration.

This kind of things happens by the way. Again for example I like to play guitar, when I free while in my home. Somedays, I dont have time and dont touch my guitar, sometimes, almost everyday I am playing. So I put a task in my arrange task. But when I finish it will be completed disappear. So I have to over and over and over again create that task.

And while I written my home I remember that. If task have reminder about places it would be great. Especially for shopping. I mean when I enter a mall, if it reminds me a shopping list that I created before it would be lovely.

Too much for an one message but i really like you app. And I like to develop it.
Hi Anil,

Thanks for the detailed feedback.

Our current positioning of “subtasks” is lightweight small check items, small steps, and small points. So it's not currently on our roadmap.

But the use case did make sense, we will pass your feedback to the product team for
further evaluation.

As for reminders about places, mobile app does have that feature. You may enter a task detail view, tap the "..." button in the upper-right corner and tap "Location" and create a location reminder for this task.
@Xin...Hey thanx for the clarity of your concept of subtasks. Ticktick, at present, provides 4 levels of hierarchy. Is there any plan to add more levels, either at the folder or subtask level?
@ Anil,

Although you can't specify a duration for your subtasks, you could just 'stagger' your subtasks scheduling by leaving the appropriate time/duration in between tasks blank or unscheduled. Then just don't schedule anything in between those subtasks. For example:

Today's Tasks

- Subtask A (Duration 1 hour): Reminder @ 1:00 PM
- Subtask B (Duration 1 hour 30 minutes): Reminder @ 2:00 PM
- Subtask C (Duration 30 minutes): Reminder @ 3:30 PM

In the case of remembering to play the guitar, it seems like scheduling your tasks to repeat/recur would solve your problem.

Yeah I'll think about that. That's an idea for sure. The thing that I want is making more simplier than now, that's all. I am an engineer too :) Sometimes whole point of it making more simpler, taking less time. Otherwise we could just use paper and pencil for doing whole of them. (Which is an option too by the way)
In any case I see ticktick as a toddler. And it will grow up with I assume users feed backs. I just had an idea and shared it. If it's worth to do it, and enough people want something like that as I want, it will make it soon or later. I just made a first step about that topic I guess.
I already brought this topic about a year ago. they so far have focus in increasing the scope of ticktick to add habits and pomo etc instead of focusing on small functional details. They are a small team so they have to allocate resources, so far I love the habit tracker so is trade off but hope we can see this in the future
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