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Update Error
For 3.3.10 I keep on getting "an error occurred while extracting the archive" after pressing "Install and Relaunch" and had to then cancel the update.
I am also having this issue. Both my laptops are running macOS Catalina. Though I was also having this issue on Mojave. Worked fine on my Android. It's hard to justify paying for something that I cannot use the new features for.
I also am getting the message:

Update Error! An error occurred while extracting the archive. Please try again later.

I'm also not seeing any response from TickTick at all here, not even a we are working on it kind of response... that concerns me when I think about what programs I want to continue with, especially on something as important as an upgrade....
Hi guys,

Sorry for the trouble. We fixed the problem. Please try again.
I still have the same problem. I get server error on my Mac, but not my Android.
Hi there,

May I have a screenshot of the error message?
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