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Bug Silent Mode on Android gets ignored
Hy guys, when I put my phone into Silent Mode it still vibrates when I got an habit notification.
I got an Galaxy S8 plus running Android 9.
Thanks for evry reply.
Can someone Help me? I'm a paying customer and this bug is horrible!
Hi there,

Could you please check if you enabled Vibrate in silent mode in your phone?
Thanks for you reply,
I can't find your setting. My phone has an separate silent and vibrate mode so what's the purpose of such a setting?
Furthermore it can't be a global setting cause it only happens on tick tick, every other message is silent and doesn't vibrate.
In the link you see the individual settings for tick tick, vibration is already deactivated...
I hope you can help me out
Hi there,

Please go to Settings - Sound & Notifications - Vibrate and see if it's enabled.
Hi there,
I can not make individual settings for the silent mode. As i wrote earlier only Tick Tick notifications are vibrating evry other is silent so i can't be a global setting
Hi there,

Sorry for the confusion. What I meat was to go to Settings in TickTick. Could you please check it first?
Ah ok, there it was enablet.
Thanks for your help!
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