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Shortcut Alt+S on Task edit inserts Horizontal Line instead "ś" letter
Hi TickTick team,

Polish users use "Right Alt + s" to type "ś" letter, so I was a bit surprised when I saw long horizontal line (------) instead of "ś" letter. I think it's a good idea to replace Right Alt with Left Alt.

There is no shortcut to horizontal line in markdown.
Could you please provide a screenshot of the issue?
Hi Lexie,

I recorded this issue, take a look:
As you can see this keys combination inserts two horizontal lines (at the end of video I pressed Backspace which converts line to six dashes).

We didn't reproduce the problem. Could you please tell me your computer language?
And we'll test again.
I use Windows 10 Home with Polish language and my keyboard layout is set to "Polish Programmer's": (Right Alt is AltGr so it behaves as left Alt + Ctrl).
Hi, I have exactly the same problem.
Got it. We will report to the devs to look into it.
Any update on this? I also have the same problem.
Hi Agnieszka,

We'll try to fix this problem in the next version.
Hey, now "alt+s" works perfectly fine (I can write "ś" letter), but the same problem occurs with "alt+l" - instead of "ł" letter, this combination inserts a horizontal line. version of windows app.
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