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Sub tasks not showing in subscribed calendar in Google
I have sub tasks with times dates which show on the web version of Calendar, but not in my subscribed TickTick Calendar in my Calendar app.

I have subscribed to two Google calendars in TickTick, not imported local ones. As I said, the sub tasks show on the web though.

Is this a bug?

Also now one of my repeating events in my calendar isn't showing in the app either - even after removing the Google Calendar sub and adding it back (on the web only - this doesn't work on the Mac app).

Again, the even is showing on TickTick web, not on the app. Am I missing a setting here? Thanks.
Despite refreshing each of the Calendar app and TickTick, these events - subtasks and the missing repeating event - did not update. Nor did re-connecting the calendar.

**What did work is turning off and on the 'Subscribe to third-party calendars' button just now**

I think this is still a bug though? How often does TickTick update and retrieve Calendar info?
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