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Paid my monthly suscription but have none of the premium features
Yesterday my suscription renewed itself via Android but I have none of the premium features. I don't know how to contact anyone to figure out what the hell is going on.

Thanks in advance.
Could you please go to the premium page in TickTick, scroll down to the bottom and tap the "Restore" button, check if it is activated?

If that does not show you Premium features, please sign out and back into your mobile app. If, after that, you are STILL not seeing them, please contact us with your registered email address.
Thanks, mangooo. I did what you said but had no results.

Finally, I found a way to make it work: went to my suscriptions list on the Google Play website and cancelled Tick Tick's one. After that, all premium features reappeared. I will wait until next month to reactive the automatic payment to avoid any kind of trouble.

Thanks again!
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