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Apple watch not syncing correctly
TickTick not syncing correctly with watch app.

Anyone else having this problem or found a solution?

I’ve tried resetting everything, turning everything on and off, turning cellular on and off, logging in and out, rechecking the settings etc… On my watch it will show whatever lists I tell it to show through the phone app settings, so it will show for example “work and personal and today” but not show any of the tasks inside of it, so it is communicating with the phone in that sense. Also when i add tasks on the watch it won’t update anywhere else. My other devices sync fine together, chrome, mac app, phone, site, just not the watch.

I'm having this issue as well, can someone from support chime in?
Hey guys,

We have been fixed the issue in our latest update. You may go install it and see if this issue has been resolved?
Thank you so much! The tasks sync instantly now.
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