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Markdown Feature
Thanks for the great update that adds the markdown feature to both the web and android! I continue to be pleased by the useful features being developed. I especially like the immersive view when writing notes.

One it possible to get rid of the ** and other symbols that show up on either side when I put a word or phrase in bold or underline? I find these distracting and they will probably limit my use of the editing tools.

Thanks for listening to feedback and for the great job you are doing!
+1 I agree. Also, it would be great to have markdown formatting available in the task title and in the task detail view. Thanks!
Hi there! We adopt the Markdown markup language to render the text style, that is to say, applying specific symbols to mark the text in "bold", "highlight" and other effects.

We can see the Markdown editor in the software market normally has two windows -> "Edit" and "Read". Enter various identifiers in the "Edit" window, and then display the rendering text style in the "Read" window.

For TickTick, it is designed to click and edit right away in the task detail panel. Considering the pros and cons, we choose to keep the symbols in the text, not adding an additional "Editing interface, meanwhile weakening the identifier visually.

Meanwhile, your feedback will be passed to the product team for further evaluation.
Ok. Thanks for the response. Still have to say that seeing the symbols is distracting because it is not like any editor I am accustomed to. Will limit my use of the feature. Thanks for passing it on for further evaluation. And keep up the great work!
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