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Wrong dates on Web
When I add tasks on Ticktick calendar (Web), and I give them a date, they show correctly in the beginning, and then their dates change by their own. For example, a task due tomorrow becomes overdue for yesterday... And it keeps doing the same thing for all the tasks.
When I check on my mobile phone the dates are correct. Both my laptop and mobile phone are set on the same timezone.
I'm about to cancel my subscription because I want a reliable app, so please help me
Hey Omar,

So sorry for the trouble, we'd like to request some details on your end for further troubleshooting.

1) ">>a task due tomorrow becomes overdue for yesterday
Is this task created on your web app? Is the date changed the time you created the task? Or after a while? Could we request a screenshot?

2) Could we request to know the timezone on your web?
Here is the guide to view the current browser timezone, this might be a little bit technical.
On web -> Right-click the mouse -> Inspect -> Console -> enter and see what is displayed?

3) We'd like to know the timezone of your other devices.

Last, You may write to us via Avatar -> Feedback & Suggestions -> Submit feedback via our tickets system, we will get back to you more promptly there.

1- Yes it is created on the webapp. You can clearly see what's wrong here :
First when I click on a day on the calendar, the new task prompt gets the wrong date (the day before). After creating all the tasks and syncing, if I refresh the page, all the tasks that have a date without a specific time shift one day back.

2- The following is displayed : "Africa/Casablanca"

3 - My other devices have the same timezone (Casablanca, GMT+1). I tried the windows software on my laptop and it works fine
Hi Omar,

Sorry for inconvenience caused. Brazil cancelled Daylight Saving Time so there's problem in date setting for all-day tasks in calendar view.
The Devs are looking into this.
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