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How to display markdown?
I can't for life of me figure out how to use markdown in TickTick and there is no article about it anywhere since the update release.

Let's say I write **sometext** in the description of a task. Then what? It doesn't change into bold. Am I missing something?
I know exactly how you. The markdown feature lacks clarity on the supported platforms.
AFAIK it works on iOS and macOS. I only know this since I am using both. Can't say much about the other platforms
I am on IOS and MacOS. So how do you make it work for you?
Well, it works on Android. But the markdown characters don't disappear after writing. For example, if I write **Hello**, it does convert the text into bold, but those '**' s don't disappear. They just remain there. This gives it somewhat clumsy look. I have used markdown on many other apps, and for sure, markdown characters disappear after writing. Since this is a brand new start for Ticktick (as mentioned by them on their subreddit), let's hope they would polish the Markdown and make it usable.
It appears to show up on some pages, but not all..why is that?
Any news on that bu.. issue?
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