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Markdown destroys URL references
Now that there is Markdown (otherwise great), TickTick incorrectly interprets my links to files as Web URLs and opens them in Safari. This is not good.
Update: Turns out in only happens when the task is *not* in checklist mode.

Are you using the macOS version? Could we request a screenshot of the links to the files?

You may write to us via Avatar -> Feedback & Suggestions -> Submit feedback via our tickets system, we will get back to you asap.
My original post was about the MacOS version, but the same thing happens in iOS,
with the same solution: convert the task to checklist mode. I'll send you some screenshots.
Thanks for getting back to me.
Actually, doesn't need screenshots. 2 Types of URLs:
1. file references on the Mac: file:///Users/tomreid/Documents/Work%20in%20BBEdit%20local/Explanatory%20Memorandums%20refresh.taskpaper
Works fine in checklist view: Takes me to the file of that name in Finder. In the other view, where Markdown is available, converts the link to one that opens in Safari.
2. x-callback-urls on the Mac and the iPhone:
Works fine in checklist view: Opens the link in Bear as it always used to. In the other view, tries to open in Safari.
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