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TickTick win app is available now
Markdown is finally here! Tap the "Text Format" icon in the right corner of the task details page. Bold, italic, underline, and many other formats are at your choice. You can also type in Markdown syntax directly for a more efficient formatting experience. Whether it’s highlighting, organizing structures, or even writing an article, everything becomes handy. Try it out! 😊

We also improved the following functions in this new version:

- The filtering logic for Custom Smart Lists now supports the "Not" condition.
- Other improvements and bug fixes.

TickTick Team
Loving the markdown feature, makes that third column so much more useful and versatile.

Just one thing though, is it normal that I am seeing the characters used to produce any given effect? Let me give you some examples.

If I want to make the word "Apples" bold, what i get is **Apples**
If I want to highlight "Apples", I get ::Apples::

I do get the desired effects, but the ** and :: etc... stick around, but since it's greyed out my guess is it was done on purpose. Is there a way to fix that?
I am also seeing the additional characters, normally or at least in other apps once you finish with a word or sentence bracketed by markdown language, the markdown characters disappear. I have also seen where there is an overall edit mode and you can see the markdown characters, but once you click out of the screen or to another task, the characters disappear. I do not think this is working as intended. If it is, they should reconsider how it works, because currently the markdown language is a huge distraction.
Something in this update - or one of the recent ones - seems to have broken the notifications for me. They used to appear as these nice boxes with blue buttons; now they appear direct from Windows 10, a problem, because on my computer, Windows 10 sends notifications when it feels like it. Frequently, it decides it simply never feels like it at all. x.x

This is absolutely game-breaking for me. Those notes were the ENTIRE reason I used TickTick, and paid Premium for 7 months. I NEED a good program to reliably remind me of things, from paying my rent to taking out the trash to taking my medication on time.

If there's a way to change this back in the settings and preferences, I failed to find it, in spite of looking about a dozen times. Any insight or advice would be appreciated.
Mobile app and web-version are sync
Desktop version don't sync.
Great update but needs option do disable markdown symbols so it looks like on mobile
Great update but needs option do disable markdown symbols so it looks like on mobile
Issue No 1.
Yes, the option to disable the markdown symbols is absolute MUST. It is very distracting. Just only show the markdown symbols when our typing cursor is at those words would be enough.

Issue No 2.
After selecting the subtask feature, the description in the task will no longer support markdown. I'm sorry, this is unacceptable. Please leave the markdown feature turned-on on the description even we use the subtask feature.

The issues above are for both Andriod and Windows. I can feel this markdown feature was a rushed development. Not good man, I would prefer a well tested & stable feature release than a rushed problematic feature release.

I can only agree to your words guys, I would also like it much more if the markdown symbols would disappear after writing - or even better: The option do completely hide those symbols. Why? Because I use TickTick mainly on mobile and there its kinda easier to format the written text afterwards instead of trying to get the markdown symbols right ^^

Devs, now you should know, what is important to us for the next update! Bring it on :)
Kevin Char ← +100!
I'm pretty sure tasks were automatically ordering themselves by priority within a given tag when the order by tag option was selected. This broke down after this update...
I often use TickTick notes as boilerplate text for Outlook email replies. Now, when I copy and paste the text into my email, the markdown tags show up, instead of the correct, actual formatting. As is, I can no longer use dozens of my TickTick notes as intended. Please make it an option to turn it off.
I really can't find one good reason why the markdown symbols are still left in the text. I thought after a couple of days I might find reasons to like this very odd use of markdown, but I just can't find any reason to like this or any reason why it was implemented this way.
A great achievement to start formatting in TickTick!
According to developers "Whether it’s highlighting, organizing structures, or even writing an article, everything becomes handy".
Developers, just remember that "spell checker does not work anymore" in TickTick even in the Web (Chrome or Firefox), as discussed in this thread:
Without spell-checker, it is likely impossible to do serious writing in TickTick, even an email draft.
I have English as my second language, and I do rely on Spell checkers.
Developers, please improve on that.
+1 for spell checker!

It would also be nice to have the option to expand the notes section (and immersive writing) much more than now

anyway, thanks for the best task management app :) In past years I tried Todoist, Microsoft To Do, Evernote and Notion and - in my opinion - TickTick is most convenient :)
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