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Can't use input triggers?
I remember being able to use ^ to add a task to a list in the input box, and the other shortcuts aren't working either. This is for both the Mac desktop and browser versions. Has this feature not been in use for a while now? They're still listed in the shortcut section.
Hey Nazri,

It is supposed to work well still. Could you please take a clip or screenshots of the behavior on your end, so we can take a further look.
To get a quicker response, you may write to us via, we will get back to you asap.
I just tested and have figured out the problem! I've been using Calendar view since switching to premium, and it looks like the inputs don't work when adding or editing tasks there, only in other modes (Next 7 days, Inbox, etc). Which is a shame, since Calendar view was the main reason I left Todoist and subscribed to TickTick :( Will this ever be changed in the future?
Sorry that we currently do not have an immediate plan to support it yet, but I will pass your feedback as a feature request to the product team for further evaluation asap.
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