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I'm so glad to have this app as "my secretary".

I use a long ringtone as my notification sound, so I won't miss/not notice a really important one. However, perhaps because of the high reliance and need to be notified for almost everything, I learned to ignore, screen them out and continue to procrastinate instead.
It's obviously not a problem or a bug in the app the needs fixing, it's just a feature I could personally benefit immensely for. Aware you're not gonna do it because one user asked nicely so I hope there are more people out there like me to justify adding this feature, and simultaneously hoping no one is in such a position.

Anyway, I hope the above suggestion will be taken in to consideration.

Kind Regards,
Noted, we will bring this up with the team for evaluations.
Was quite certain at the time that my post included an actual suggestion. ��
I apologize to whoever needed to try and figure out wtf I wanted. Can't remember now anyway.
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