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Looks like the latest IOS TickTick update added markdown to the app, although I'm not sure it is working correctly.
Same here :/ ... I've try markdown everywhere I could but it didn't seem to work at all :/
Unfortunately, TickTick has made documentation a lower priority, which I simply cannot understand...but that is another thread all together.
Apologies I did not mean to submit just yet above.
Anyway,I'm to the point I'm unable to leverage almost ALL of the new features due to their being little definition of the feature even in the release notes. "Markdown is now supported!. Okay..

## That's Great

- Where is it supported?
-Task Names
-Task Descriptions
`I have tried both with no luck'/
## Other Questions
- Is extended syntax supported or just basic?
- I assume there is a flag to turn on processing...but where?
- Why is there no detail about HOW to access/leverage the features in the Release Notes? (seeing as the user documentation is not being kept up to date.)
The Product Management team should know better than this, I really hate to see this happen, but I've got a syncing feeling about this and its not good. I want TickTick to out-perform ALL of its competition, but it's beginning to fall back in key areas.I'll stop my ranting now, but it just seems that features are requested year after year (some extremely complex,and some extremely simple). But here is what I've learned:it falls on dead ears. Even if this is not the case, that is my perception, and it's concerning..

p.s. Please remember these applications are really about two things;
1. Entering data
2. Retrieving data.
TickTick does a very good job at #1, but #2 is very archaic. Not even from a UX perceptive (ie lack of sub-queries, advanced operators, but even from a processing perspective. I've had to write some lengthy x-callback scripts just to get basic information where a simple .csv (or ANY kind of export) would have saved me weeks worth of work. I would even be happy to subscribe to a new tier of "Power Users" if it an issue with revenue..and I imagine many others will as well. Above all, having *some kind* of insight in to your road map would make a lot of us kick back and ride it out...but the fact we don't is most concerning. Thanks again
Here is where I found out Markdown is supported.

However, due to the fact there is nothing that states how to implement it inside of TickTick I do have to ask the question:
Is Markdown supported in any of the TIckTick platforms?
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