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Scrollbar Problems
The scroll bar on the Mac version Keeps disappearing. I cannot have mouse scrolling enabled on my mouse because of problems with other software I use. please allow an option for scrollbars to be present at all times, or for them to show instantly when the mouse hovers near the edge where they're located :)
Hey Matthew,

Are you using the dark theme? Does the issue also happen when applying the bright color theme?
Hi, yeah I’m using the dark theme and it also happens on the bright theme as well.
Ok, thanks for the details. We might get you wrong before, it is actually by design that only when you scroll the bar will it show up.
Your suggestion will be noted down as a feature request.
Hi Matthew, there's a workaround but not sure if this is something you want since it does not only affect TickTick but the all other apps. Go to System preference > General > Under "Show Scroll Bar" check "Always"
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