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No notifications and badge in iOS 13

I installed the app on iOS 13, but I don't get notifications and neither is a badge added with the number of tasks. These features in TickTick itself are enabled, but I see in the iOS settings that TickTick is not listed with the apps that have access to notifications, neither did I get the option to allow notifications when I installed the app. I reinstalled the app, but that didn't change anything. Everything worked as expected on the latest version of the app on latest version of iOS 12. Is this is a known bug or do I need to do something extra to enable in on iOS13? Thanks!
Hey there,

Could you please go to Notifications -> TickTick -> check what is your setup there?
Well, it didn’t show TickTick at all there. But yesterday randomly when I was adding a task in the iOS app it asked me if I wanted to allow notifications (which it didn’t ask me before) and I now I can see for example the badge so I think all should be fine now.
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