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Wrong date
Windows app shows tasks meant for today as they were due yesterday. All the tasks shifted one day behind.
Similar problem here, but in iOS! The view on the computer (Windows) shows dates correct, but in my Iphone part of the tasks are on the the day before, creating a lot of confusion on my schedule. Both systems are in the same time zone UCT -03:00 (Brasilia - Brazil). Last year we had the same problem.
Hey there,

The issue is preliminarily estimated to do with the ending of DST.

Could you please check if the newly added tasks' time is displayed correctly?
So sorry for interrupting the time setup. The previous task time may not be restored automatically. But we will add a fixed timezone option in future updates in case the issue happens again.
Well the problem persists. It's been a long time, still no fix.
Hey Delevo!

Could you please check what is the timezone of your pc system? Besides, could you please contact us with the issue screenshots via, the devs will look into it for you asap.
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