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Ticktick calendar events not showing in Google... Ever.
It's been several days now and events created in Ticktick are not showing up in my Google calendar.

My google events are showing up in my Ticktick calendar!

But not the other way around. Events created in Ticktick never (ever) show up in Google.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Also... searching this help center... every link in this forum I find gives me a 404

Two examples

Thank you!

This is missing in the windows desktop version. It's there in the web version.

Thanks again!
You're welcome :)

Now I have a new problem.

All the events I created are doubled in my Today list with a symbol next to them. When I check off a task the duplicated calendar event still shows up in my Today list.

It's a mess...

So if I have a task scheduled to "Call bob" there are two "Call bob" events in my Today list. One I can check off and one I can't.

So my list is now full of calendar events that can't be completed.

Is there a fix for this? It actually breaks my Today list.
I wouldn't expect any fix for that, integration with calendars is hard and the way they did it is very basic. I don't know what you want to achieve, but one way to get rid of calendar events in Today view is to group them by list and toggle "Calendar Subscription" part.
Thanks for your info Piotr.

... Going to the moon is hard... Integration with calendars?... not so much :-)
Then do it yourself :P You have additional data in task manager that can't be transfered into your calendar. And keeping all of this up to date when everything also can work offline and be out of sync was never implemented in 100% correct way, at least I never saw such thing - Todoist, AmazingMarvin, ClickUp - all of them have problems. Even Google itself can't do this, they have GCal and GTasks, but tasks can't be viewed in calendar in mobile app.
I am also trying Todost.

I create a task -> set a date and time > 1 second later this shows up in my Google calendar without any duplicate in the Todist app.

I make a change to the time in Todoist and 1 second later the block moves in my Google calendar.

So this is why I am confused why this is so "hard" for Ticktick to integrate.

I would be happy if the events were not "duplicated" in my today list in ticktick. I can't find any logical reason for this action. My today list is a mess like this and I can't use it. I'm still within 14 days so I may ask for a refund. The today list is broken with calendar integration if I have all these duplicates I can't remove.
Did this issue ever get resolved? I need auto sync between tick tick and google calendar. I have tried some of the fixes in this help center and they haven't worked for me.

Any suggestions are appreciated!
I want to know the same thing as Morgan. Thank you!
Damn... Good to know people start voicing it out. So far I can tell the TickTick to Google Calendar is only one way sync. We get data from Gcal to Tick2 but not from Tick2 to Gcal. So "Hey Google, what is on my calendar today?" would not tell you what are your tasks in ticktick today. ��
I would also like to know this, as I just subscribed to TickTick for one year under the impression that there was two-way synch with Google Calendar.
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