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Announcement! TickTick Ticketing Help Available Now!
Hey folks!

Our help ticketing system has been available since two weeks ago! The channel to collect users' feedback and troubleshooting will be mainly focused on it in the future. To get a more prompt response from our support team, you can click Settings -> Feedback & Suggestions -> submit your feedback OR report the bugs. We will get back to you ASAP.

Rest assured we will still check the forum posts including your feature requests regularly here, but may not so frequently as we did it before. Your voice will surely be taken to the team for further evaluations.

Thank you, guys. Wonderful to have you adding vitality to this TickTick community!

When going to, a "500 Internet Server" message is currently displayed.
Hey there,

Sorry about the issue! We have fixed it just now, could you please try it again?
Yes. The hyperlink now works. Thank you!
How can I delete an item (like a line of text of a list of books in ticktick?) Thanks Matt Anderson, MD 1-817-917-1986.
I wanted to give some feedback, I ended up having to back out of the Beta program (after testing Beta releases for a while now...and here is why):

1. The beta versions started crashing...often.
2. After they crashed often, it happened a lot.
3. I started having flashbacks to when I was temporarily placed over our Biztalk server when our Ap Ops Director went on Holiday (wow)/
4. Seriously, the crashes stated coming every hour, then every 45 minutes, then every 30 minutes.....down to every 10 seconds.
5. The app crashing is not even what bothered me. INSTEAD, it was the "TickTick Crashed, would you like to share feedback" dialog that came up. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. In all seriousness, my phone was unusable due to this.
6. After finally being able to swipe over to the TickTick app, I was able to close it.
7. I assumed this was a TestFlight I turned TestFlight notifications completely off...but I kept getting that message.
.8. Next, I turned notifications off altogether,. and that seemed to work...but obviously cannot roll like that.
10. So I deleted TestFlight and called it a day.

#My Questions
1. **Is that message from TickTick or the iOS**
2. Anyone know how to suppress the notification?

I will need to reinstall TestFlight as I in many beta programs for various apps...however, I will stop all of them if I cannot suppress, what I am officially titling'The most annoying message of all-time" (TMAMOAT). That thing is horrible. It's a presence. **It's the beast.**

Thank you!
Can we set reminder for many days at once?
I don't see FEEDBACK & SUGGESTIONS in the Mac app under settings...
I also do not see feedback and suggestions. I have posted my question here as a new topic instead.
@Seamas: I have found this in the Mac app; it is not under settings. Click your use icon and there is a Feedback submenu right from that menu. No need to open up settings.
How do I get a refund in the 14 day period. Emailed support 3 times and no reply.

What is the deal?
I hate this app... Seriously the ux makes no sense at all.
I am blocked with habits i put to test it and now impossible to remive them so everyday i have my habits notification and it really drives me nuts... Tried to delete but it says no task selected... Yes there is no way to select habit-tasks.... I tried swiping taping zero nada nothing... How do i edit/delete habits???
When I setup TickTick a while back I logged in using GMail. When I use the same email address and password it won't let me has to go through Google. The problem... I can't change my email address or password because it says the password is wrong when I type it in or use my password program... and it is not wrong. It is exacty the same as the GMail login. It won't even let me use the GMail login. I have to use Login in with GMail and go through Google's process. I have never seen anything like this. How do I fix this? I would prefer not to have to login with Google all the time. Thanks! Gary
Come on guys,

Get your act together just a bit and even out the desktop, mobile and web apps to offer, at least, a comparable experience!

- No feedback and suggestion on the mac app...
- No translation to french on the Mac app, nor on the web... it's OK on the IOS and Android version. Should be easy to implement.
- Tried to register to translate it to french... onl;y IOS and Android version are under project... nothing for macos
- Themes are somewhat different on the macos app, particularly le default and white
- Pomo timer right on the left sidebar on web app, easily accessible... try and find it on Macos... and once you did, try to glance a look at it :-))))
- Basically... don't let the desktop version down...

I'm sur you realize that you have one of the most feature pack app out there... and you're gaining ground on the other majors... don't let it go to waste due to poor design and skimping on small improvements... I personnaly love it, but could do without the annoyances.

peace . shape up or ship out
So far on a question on the ticketing systme for feedback I have gotten no response to a question from 1/25. How could such a good app have such lousy support?

To any of you reading this, the ‘import only’ option for ios reminders is still deleting them from the reminders app. Anyone have a work around to this?
Referring back to the (new) Ticketing System - & - would it be possible for some way, whether via the email associated with the account, or via the App or Website interface itself, to receive a notification that a support response has been posted.

Also, can you use some other date format other that the muddled order of the American format, especially as the year isn't included. Either use the format YYYY-MM-DD, or change the month from digits to the name (or the shortened name, e.g. Mar for March)?
I dowloaded the new update that came out on 03/09/2020 on my iMac and now the app is stuck on upgrading. I have tried to delete and reinstall but with no luck any help would be great.
Where can we find instructions, for the new features? I'm pretty shocked this has not been addressed. For years now existing users have expressed frustration over the lack of proper release activities. Something is wrong when we have to beg you to tell us what the features are and how to use them. I have Looked on the App Store. I see where it notes you can now "link' tasks. I searched for "Link Tasks" in this forum and do not see anything regarding this feature,

More than this, however, is poor communication with respect to new features. It's pretty simple to write in the release notes..."We have this new linking feature, ti utilize it you need to ...." or something.

In all candor, I have a sinking feeling the response will be "what feature are you referencing" so forgive my overly detailed inquiry. I am referring to

***Release 5.5.50 **...
now supports link between tasks for quick jump from task A to task B."
*[QUESTION]*: How do we implement this?*

Now supports ;indent, part of the text formats are optimized.
*[QUESTION]*: Can you elaborate on this? I assume you mean in the description we can now indent? What formatting optimization were implemented?

-"Widget support displaying countdown days"*
[QUESTION]*: I have no idea what is being referenced here? I looked in the Widget settings but did not see anything new.I do have "Countdown mode" enabled, but am not seeing remaining days in the widget's date column
I can not connect with my Gnotes anymore and password updates does not connect - please help me what to do ?
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