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Notification Changes
Pixel 2XL

When the screen is locked and a notification comes in, it wakes the screen up, displays a window on the lower portion of the screen, and it will NOT go away until I interact with the prompt. Several issues with this. 1) My screen is stuck on for a LONG period of time (like 1-2 minutes?). If I'm not looking at it, that's annoying that my screen would just stay on. 2) There's no privacy option, where if my screen is locked, maybe I don't want people snooping in on what my notification says. I prefer the earlier iteration of notifications where my screen would briefly be awake, and there was nothing I had to interact with - it just rested on my lock screen as a notification. 3) It forces me to interact with that notification before I can interact with any of my other notifications. I don't like that.

Another problem with notifications is, if the screen is unlocked, the notification comes in as a floating box near the top as well as a box at the bottom sometimes, or just as a box at the top, and it just stays there forever now until I address it. I want it to pop up, and then minimize to the notifications pull-down like it used to.
I've also been having this happen and it's very annoying. It changed suddenly and I can't find a way to disable it.
Also for me it is very annoying and annoying with the popup notifications on the lock screen.

Can you tell us when the problem is solved?
+++ Very annoying, please fix this, we should be able to disable this behavior at least.
+ Yes, the pop up notifications need more customization options. They are in the way now.
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