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Reminder pop up isn't shown at specified time.

I'm using tick tick free version of extension and I have faced with problem that reminder pop up isn't shown at specified time when the extension is closed (works in background). I have allowed showing pop up for extension. Any ideas why it doesn't work? OS: Mac, Chrome: Version 78.0.
Hey Andriy,

Does the issue happen recently? Is the reminder disappearing all the time?
Hi Carol,

I installed the extension yesterday and set reminder 3 times. Each time pop-up wasn't shown. Let me explain my steps:
1. Set reminder at specific time
2. Close reminder using x button ( I checked Google task manager and process was present in the list)
3. After that pop-up wasn't shown

After opening the extension reminder settings is removed from the task. I have just tried once again and the result is the same. I set reminder at 10:45 my time.

When the extension is opened it works as expected. So looks like that the issue is when application works in background.
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