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Notifications v5.3.1 - Reminder Popups

I like the changes to notifications that were made between v5.3 to v5.3.1. I definitely helps as I was finding that I was losing track of tasks. I definitely like that when you press on the task in the notification tray, the reminder popup comes up from the bottom of the screen, but the task isn't removed from the notification tray until you've dealt with the task.

The only small problem I'm finding are the reminder popups. I might not be understanding the setting properly, but I set "Reminder Pop-ups" to off and "Stick on Status Bar" to off. But even then, when I am scheduled to get a task reminder, a pop up might pop up from the bottom of the screen (with buttons Dismiss,View,Complete,Snooze) or from the top (with buttons Complete,Snooze). Kinda random. I'll reply more if I see a pattern when it happens.

The other related issue is that the popup just hangs there. Normally the top reminder popup should display and then go away after a couple seconds while still sitting in the notification tray. But now both the top popup and the bottom popup just sits there on the screen until interacted with.

Thanks for all the hard work,
- Jason

I'm experiencing the same - sometimes it comes from the top, sometimes from the bottom, and it doesn't go away. It sticks to the screen and blocks what I'm already working on. My husband has the exact same phone I do and it's not happening on his. Would love for it to go back to minimizing like before
I'm also experiencing this and was confused as this wasn't always the case. Settings are set to off but they stick and don't remove until interacted with.
Hopefully a simple fix.
Hey there,

Sorry for the delayed response.
Android Q officially made some tweaking of the Pop-ups mechanism for which we have to revamp notification patterns. So sorry for the bad experience, the product team has been looking into it now, we will try our best to adjust it in the future updates.
I'm glad it's not just me, I was starting to think I'd misunderstood the settings as I could not prevent the pop up notifications from firing and covering the screen.

Looking forward to the fix!

Thanks for looking into it. I was using my phone for navigation in the car the other day and a reminder came up. It was a bit annoying that it covered up part of the screen and wouldn't go away.
I hope this gets fixed soon. It is getting kinda annoying and distracting.
Bumping this again. This problem is really getting in the way of being productive.
I am going to uninstall the app because of this issue. It's sad they forced this 'feature'
I feel I should say that you shouldn't give up on them yet. They have a good product and they have provided good support in the past. I've mentioned a number of issues before and they have addressed them. I will say it is surprising that they have taken so long with coming up with a fix for this bug. At least a dev did respond 2.5 weeks ago. My only guess is that the notification changes with Android 10 must really be giving them grief.
I messaged support a while back for this same issue and their response is consistent with what they told you, so that's good. I do hope it gets fixed soon.
Any chance we might see a fix soon?
There was an update in the last couple of days - I think it's fixed!
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