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Starting a timer in Clockify adds a different name

I am a new user of Ticktick and I found it marvelous that you have this integration with clockify to measure the time dedicated to a task. However, I have a proble,. everytime that I click in the option to start the clockify timer it appears there with a wierd name. For example, the task "Read emails" in Ticktick appears as "Read emailsWhat needs doing?"
I believe this is a bug because I tested the same tool in ClickUp app and that doesn't add any other words to my task.

Could you please solve that? I would like to continue using Ticktick combined with Clockify, but this problem is really annoying

Best regards,
Hey Marcio,

Thanks. We will look into it asap.
Thanks, I also found that some another bug. When I start the timer of one task, the name of the other task appear in Clockify.
Hi, So far the problems continue. Any idea on when it will be solved?
Hi, I have exactly the same problem than Marcio. Every task appear with the right name+What needs doing?

Can you fix that pb please ? it's really annoying.

Thank you
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