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GDPR Compliance
Since TickTick is based in Hong Kong, many users may be concerned about a potential allegiance to mainland China, and the totalitarian regime of Xi Jingping. Does TickTick plan to publicly condemn the attempts made by the Chinese government to prematurely annex Hong Kong? Does TickTick support democracy in Hong Kong and around the world? Are there any plans for TickTick to comply with the GDPR?
I think I'll bump this again. Would be good to know for future use of the product.

Hope the team in Hong Kong is safe during these troubling times.
I know ticktick takes privacy seriously that's why their data storages are in the USA, You can check that here

As far as ticktick condemning what chinese government does i don't think they should get involved in that type of discussion.

Privacy and security on the other hand they should and do take it seriously
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