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Hide tasks with future start dates
Dear TickTick,

Lot of users needs this option, me too. There is an option to set task duration. But even if the start date of the task is in the future, it is still showing in the list! No one needs to focus on tasks, that starts in the future! Please fix this, because the rest of the app is very good. This one option is a must!
Carol, ‘noted’ doesn’t tell us anything. Are you going to add this? Are you going to do an evaluation?

I love TickTick but the lack of real input from support on these threads is frustrating.
It's been a couple of month since I've posted this. Do you plan to add this feature, to hide tasks with future start dates?
Knock, Knock! TickTick, don't leave your clients without an answer! Are you working on this feature? It's not so complicated to add this I think, but it will upgrade the whole app a lot...
I would also love this feature and would love to know if it's being planned in a near future update...or some much later date.
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