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Sections Within Lists
Good morning,

I am a recent convert from Asana and 2Do Task management software. One thing that both of these platforms had that I am missing here is the ability to add sections within my lists. This was a very useful feature that allowed me to add both depth and context within my lists.

Does TickTick currently support this feature, and if so, how? Or, if not, is this currently in their realm of future additions?

Thanks in advance,

Sorry that we currently do not support this feature yet, but I will pass your feedback as a feature request to the product team to do further evaluation asap.
Todoist also offers that feature and I find it very helpful as well. It is the main reason that I have not switched over to ticktick.
I need to either switch apps or renew my annual account with todoist and was hoping that ticktick had implemented this already...guess not.
When will you add something like sections? It is one of those features that people are asking for a long time, and yet TickTick team is steadfastly ignoring them.
Tick Tick, please add the list section functionality, as it’s really is one of the reasons why many users don’t switch from asana and todoist.
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