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Extension Does Not Load
As of this afternoon, my Chrome Extension does not load tasks - nor does Tick Tick load on the website. I've done all the usual suggestions - clear cache, browsing history, etc., uninstall/reinstall extension, blah blah - all to no avail.
Mobile app still works - and just downloaded Windows app - that is working too - but I really rely on the extension. Any idea what is up or how to correct this? (Premium user)
well, it's all sort of not working - as it's not syncing across platforms at all.
Hey Julie,

Could you please screenshot the issue for us?

Besides, you may right-click the mouse on the page > Inspect > Console and screenshot it to us.
I'm having the same problem with the Chrome extension. I cannot get it to load.
LOL can't do that because the web page for tick tick won't load on my computer either.
Note: I have also contacted support via email and in 3 days no one has provided a single suggestion to correct this.
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