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Date/Time of New Task When Created Not Right

I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but I've noticed it for at least the last few months. Also, not sure if someone else already started a thread about it, but thought it was worth mentioning/re-mentioning.

So, any time I create a future task that's further out than today, tomorrow or the next two days, it incorrectly changes and makes the date and time one day and hour less. What I mean is this: if I make a task to grab coffee with a friend on 12/24 7:00am, when I actually hit the button and create the task, it changes it to 12/23 6:00am.

Not only is it super annoying, especially when I create multiple new tasks and check/fix every single one, it's made me miss things because the date and time are wrong.

I took a couple screenshots if that makes more sense than my explanation. I just didn't know where to send them.
Hey there,

Are you referring to the web app? We have been aware of the issue. There is something wrong going with the web on our end.
The devs are looking into it now. We will get it fixed asap.
@carol thanks for the reply. no, i'm not talking about the web app. i'm talking about the android version of ticktick
Ok, thanks. What is your app version? Could we request a clip on your client to reproduce the steps? That would be very helpful for us to locate the issue.
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