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Years-old calendar events re-appear in Today's tasks
I'm using the calendar sync to show calendar events in my task overview.

However, the overview also shows events which happened on the same day, but years ago. For example, my "Today" page lists the university lecture events from 2015!

As far as I can tell, only recurring events seem to re-appear, so maybe you're not properly processing their end dates?

In case that's relevant, my calendars are synced from iCal, using CalDav.
Hey there,

Which platform are you using? Could you please try re-subscribing the calendar and see if the issue can be resolved?
This happens on Web, as indicated in the topic category. It does not happen in the Android app, at least not when I connect it to "Local calendars". The events disappeared after unsubscribing to the calendars, but re-appeared when I subscribed again.
This is odd. Are these events only displayed in Today OR also in the Event list?
I'm not sure what you mean by "Event list". These events are displayed in All, Today, Next 7 Days, Calendar, and the overview list of the respective calendar. If I click on one of these Events, it shows something like "Weekly, In 11 times".
Thanks. The devs will look into it asap. Before we figure it out, could you please try logging in the incognito mode or switch to another browser > see if these events are still displayed?
Yes, this is consistent across different browsers.
This is odd. If these events are repetitive ones? Is it possible that years ago they were created with a recurrence? Are they coming with a pattern?
Here's an example of one of these events for today, as it is shown in iCal:

Calendar Name: Do
Event Title: Careers Fair
Location: Pleasance Sports Hall
all-day: false
starts: 06.10.2015 13:00
ends: 06.10.2015 17:30
repeat: every day
end repeat: After 2 times
travel time: None
alert: None

(this is the only one I can easily identify, the others are mostly lectures and repeat weekly for 11 times or so, so I can't find exactly the right instance)

TickTick shows the following:
title: Careers Fair
time: Ocr 15, Today 13:00-17:30
repeat: daily, In 2 times
location: Pleasance Sports Hall
calendar: Do
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