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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- We make some enhancements to the searching feature, list and tag searching is supported now.
- You can tap Tab to add task description via the desktop quick add shortcut.
- List and detail page print is supported in this version.
- We add Notification sound for your reminders.
- Support Traditional Chinese now.

TickTick Team
Alright. Time for feedback.

The shortcut key doesn't work well. The ctrl + s does not syn upon command.

When highlighting several tasks, the ctrl + 1 or ctrl + 2 or so on doesn't work properly. It only changes the date of one highlighted task out of many.

This bug has been existed from the previous version. Thank you.
1. Плохая работа с подзадачами. Если закрываешь несколько штук подряд - программа путается. Приходится использовать web-версию.
2. Виджеты очень редко обновляются, если приложение свернуто. То есть: если закрыл задачу на телефоне - виджеты еще долго не обновятся.
Hello! Tell me, please, do you plan a function – mark the task as unfulfilled? For example, I planned to attend the event, but I have not visited it. I can't bear it – it's gone. But I dont want to delete it – it’s important to me how many events I missed.
I'm Taiwanese, thanks for your support in Traditional Chinese. Please support Traditional Chinese in homepage, too.
Hi, I’m having an issue with lists that seems to have proposed up after some recent updates. I used to be able to select inbox or my list at the bottom of a new task. It used to switch to my list when I selected.

Now, when I select my list, it just adds “ - my list name” after my task but doesn’t move it into my list. To move it, I have to go back into the task and pull down my list from the top


I am not sure whether this is a bug or some system limitation, I need to change proxy permission between the office and home internet. Whenever I log in to the office network the tick-tick app refuses to open and crashes frequently. but without any proxy, it just works like a charm at home. what could be the issue?

Regards, Suresh.
Please make it possible to install the app without administrator rights.
So good ticktick has finally become a win program also. But there are some drawbacks. Smart typing works bad, for example after adding date by typing "sat" the word remains in final appearance of task. Please do something!
Why did you take the transparency away? It made the app look gorgeous.
Why did you remove the "List" selection control on the task creation bar? Best to not remove features that people are used to... Just sayin... Nevermind... I just found it hiding underneath the pull down that has the priority selection. Totally missed the second control down there!
When will the Russian version be released? Can I help with the translation?
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