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Pomodoro issue
When I start a pomodoro through a task , then the measurement which is shown in the task is wrong (though not everytime) although the measurement in main section is accurate. Like just now when I completed an half hour pomodoro through maths then after completion the measurement displayed in maths was 0.2 but in main section it was 0.5...
Please look into this.
Thanks for reporting this issue! We will get it fixed asap.
Can you please tell me why is this happening??
Is this something to do with my device? Because the issue is really frustrating.
Could you please get it updated to the latest version and try it again?
Yes It is updated to the latest version but the issue still persist.
This is weird. We cannot reproduce the issue on our end. Could you please re-play the steps and take us a clip OR screenshots?
How to upload screenshots in this help centre??
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