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Is anyone using TickTick as a Bullet Journal app?
I would like to implement a Bullet Journal philosophy into my life but do not want so much to switch to Notion or another similar app. could be Tick Tick developed for the future with more rich task content editor to be able to collect more kind of info?
I want to be able to leverage my TickTick data for journaling as well. If we could get a daily log, similar to the text data we get when you try to ‘Share’ a day from the mobile app, but with info on tasks that were modified (postponed, deleted, renamed etc).

One could just paste that log in their favorite journaling app and journal each item at the end of the day.
Bullet Journal is a excellent method to make yourself most organized and focused. But I don't like to use the analogic way. I already tested many apps to adapt the bullet journal philosophy.
The best option that I found was the Tick Tick.
I really think that is not necessary a big adjustment on app to Journaling.
Bullet journal have a simply way to keep things organized. Tick Tick makes this most simple yet.
I use INBOX and EVENTS as my future log, the lateral tab works as INDEX. TODAY works as... today must works.
Adicionally, I create SMART LISTS to organize the week and the month as well.
The folders works as topics, like FAMILY, JOB, UNIVERSITY, TRAVEL PLANS. And the lists works as COLECTIONS into each topic, i. e.: MOVIES, PROJECTS, SUBJECTS, THINGS TO DO, etc...
Thanks Cristian for your methodology; always good to learn from a fellow time-optimizer :)
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