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TickTick reminder stops recording of video?

I just encountered a problem with this otherwise good app:

When I am recording a sparring session (over maybe 1-1,5 hours) notifications that pop up from Tick Tick STOPS the recording.

How do I stop that from making that happen without having to uninstall the app?
+1 Please fix this.
Tick tick team, are you looking into this?
Or do I have to Uninstall the app EVERY time I'm making videos? How do I PREVENT t the reminders to stop the video recording?!
Hey there,

Sorry for missing out the last post. What is your device?
It is a Huawei P20 Pro.
Aaron seems to have the same problem as well.

I record videos for work via the phone with a stabilizer but I won't be paying for an app that stops the recording whenever and wherever with its notifications.
Carol? What's going on?
I had this problem today as well were I missed to record over 1,5 hour of material!

Please! Can you fix this?!
Can I disable the notifications somehow? I've tried like disabling other notifications, but they still pop up (from the bottom on the screen).

Otherwise I've gotta cancel my membership, it screws with EVERY recording!
Sorry about not follow-up timely.

We would like to confirm some details with you.

1) Is the notification you mentioned above the push notification OR the reminder pop-up window?
If the former, we are afraid that the push notification from apps might stop the recording.

2) If the latter one, you can go to Settings -> Sounds & Notifications -> Reminder Pop-ups -> No pop-ups.

You may write to us via Avatar -> Feedback & Suggestions -> Submit feedback via our tickets system, we will get back to you asap.
I actually think I've found a better solution.
Since recording a video is Full screen I saw there is an option to "Show pop-ups (EXCEPT full screen). Wouldn't this rather work so that I do not have to go in and out every time I wan't to record a video?
... also, where do I find this "Avatar" so I can submit feedback via the ticket system? Even tried to google "Tick Tick Feedback & Suggestions" but only ended up on this forum.
Hi there,

You may go to Settings - Help Center - Submit Feedback on Android app.
Xin, could you please adress my other question above about the solution for this huge problem?

Thank you in advance!
Xin? Or anyone?
Please? See my above question about "Show pop UPS EXCEPT full-screen"!
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