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Bug #4 > Changes to task not saving
Hi. I've recently updated to version

Good news - that seems to have fixed some of the previous bugs I found. Thanks.

Bad news - found a new bug. I've noticed a number of times that when I make a modification to a task (e.g. change the text in the description/sub-task), the change doesn't save. When I leave the modified task and return, the change made disappears. Not sure if this is a network lag issue? It doesn't happen for large changes ... generally when I make a mod of a few words .... but its still annoying and reduces trust in the software (worried I'm losing mods that I haven't noticed disappearing!).
Hey Mark,

Could you please enter the Task Activity and take us a screenshot?
Not sure why you need screenshots. The explanation should be enough ... but attached below.

#1 Original:

#2 Modified (see added text 'EXAMPLE MODIFICATION'):

After leaving the task (clicking on a different task etc) and then returning, the modification is lost .... the task returns to '#1 Original'.

This doesn't happen all the time but enough to be a problem (maybe 20 times a day).

The problem also occurs with dates. Changing a task due date changes initially but when returning to a task, the changed date is lost (task still on the original due date).

This is obviously an issue with your syncing process. I've noticed it on both windows and Android app (when syncing across devices and independently).
It also happens when 'completing' tasks .... they sometimes stay active and not closed and put in the complete folder.
Thanks. This is clear now. But could you please click the three dots on the right-bottom side and click Task Activities > Screenshot it to us?
Screenshot of task activity:

Its difficult to tell whether the edit is been logged in task activity because other edits are occuring around the same time ( some are saving and some not) and there is no unique id for the edit.
This is becoming very annoying. The same thing is happening with any modifications to a task (completing sub-tasks / tasks, making text edits etc). I may have to move to different software if no solution is available soon because I'm losing task information. When do you think a fix will be available?
I would appreciate a response on this issue. It has started happening again (on version It didn't seem to happen on the previous release (which was after the issues in my meesages above). So it seems you have reintroduced the bug after previously fixing it!
Hey Mark,

So sorry for the delayed response. It is a little hard for us to locate and reproduce the issue on our end, the devs are still looking into it.
Ok. Let me know when a release contains a fix. Its happened quite a few times today. Really effects the usability and might have to start looking for a different to-do tool. No other customers have logged this problem? It must be something to do with the way ttick is storing temporary versions of a task? There's nothing unique about my laptop setup ... standard windows 10 installation.
Any progress with this issue? I've lost some important data recently because of this problem so if no fix is coming I will have to cancel my subscription unfortunately.
Hey Mark,

Could you please install the newest version and see if the issue has been fixed on your end?
Are you telling me that the problem should be fixed in the latest version? I always install the latest version (now whenever its available. I haven't seen bug #4 happen recently so lets see.
I'd appreciate answers when I ask a question. This bug is still occuring ... and yes, I've downloaded the latest version (now on I didn't notice it occur on as much ... but definitely occuring on

I would like to mention I am experiencing the same "issue" — I'm a new user (not pro, yet), on Mac.

Like Mark (I think), if I open the app, make a change and quickly quit, my changes are lost, even locally...
I don't quite understand why would it work this way? I understand the changes haven't had time to sync up to the cloud, but why would they disappear locally??

This is making me more than nervous, I really like the app and service (I was specifically looking for a reminder app + long descriptions + markdown — TickTick is the perfect match!), but to me unusable if it works this way... I don't want to have to click the sync button at every change!

An idea for a "quick" fix: for different reasons, it's maybe not ideal to keep local changes that aren't synced to the cloud, but could the app not show a warning for unsaved changes before quitting?

Many thanks!

PS: I'm just thinking... would this mean anything added/edited in TickTick while offline is immediately lost?! This would make it quite bad!

... or am I missing something obvious here?
I'm getting less issues with changes not saved in task description / title / sub-tasks etc .... but now I've noticed that tags aren't saving!
Is anbody from TickTick following this thread? Issue still occuring with Tags .... very annoying .... is there anybody working on fixing this issue? Thanks, Mark
Hello Mark,

Sorry for the trouble. We didn't reproduce the problem but will let the devs further look into this.
For any further questions or suggestions, you're highly recommended to send us feedback within TickTick apps. That's the easiest and fastest way to find us. "Send Feedback" is under Settings for mobile apps or Avatar for web/Mac/Windows apps. Thank you!
Well it's still happening ... and now also happening in tasks again (e.g. clicking sub-tasks as done ... then going back to the task and finding the changes have not saved). Can you raise the priority of this item? It's fundamental to the software been useful. If changes aren't saved then I will have to look for another program which is a shame because ttick is very good in general.

I'll use the in-app feedback function for future issues.
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