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URL/Personal Calendar not showing (both tasks & calendar view)
URL/Personal calendar is not showing on my desktop app (blank). Tried to re-login, restart, re-add calendar URL, but no luck.

Adding the URL on the windows app gives an invalid link error. While, both Web and Android app works fine, doesn't give/show invalid link error, and works perfectly.

The Calendar link that I'm subscribing is from my school department.
Starts with http:// (also tried to make it https://, but still gives invalid link).
However as that said, "both Web and Android app works fine, doesn't give/show invalid link error, and works perfectly."

````````````SYSTEM INFO````````````````````````

• Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 18362)
• Windows App Ver.


# Working Devices

Web: ✔ (Working | Showing)
Android: ✔ (Working | Showing)
Desktop: ❌ (Not working | Not showing)

# Cropped screenshot:
[ ]
Could we request a screenshot this invalid link error?
Here (didn't complete link calendar for privacy reasons)

but entering this link in the web app and android works.
What's the calendar of this URL?
What do you mean? .ics?
No, sorry for not being clear. I mean from what is the origin of the calendar? Google Calendar?
Uhm, it's not really some kind of calendar service like Google.

It's just from my school online calendar where it shows our courses schedules, school events, etc. So probably some kind of standalone calendar service. They provide URL and .ics file.

My current workaround for this is to add it to Google Calendar which worked, then subscribed it. So I guess that's enough. just letting you guys know, probably some kind of bug?
Right, we have found that some rules for the Windows client to recognize the URL are different from the ones in the web app. The devs will look into it asap.
Thanks for the updates.
TickTick v3.2.5.1 update somehow fixed the issue.
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