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Gmail "Add to..." button unresponsive
"Add to TickTick" button in gmail is not working. Cannot click on to open menu or anything... Have tried turning on/off, reinstalling, etc. but to no avail. Please help/fix!
Hey Nate,

How does it work when you open the Gmail in the incognito mode OR in other browsers?
The extension is disabled in incognito mode and I don't use the extension with any other browsers, as I don't use any other browsers...
Got you. But this might helps us to locate the issue. Could you please be more specific? Any error message? A screenshot would be helpful!
No error message. Clicking on the button does absolutely nothing (so it's functioning as an image and not a button, I guess). Does that make sense?
This is odd. What's your browser version? Could you please reinstall the extension and see if it works?
Chrome version 77.0.3865.75 (beta). Already reinstalled to no avail :(
It seems to be blocked by other extensions in this browser. So we want to know if this extension works in other browsers, just to do the troubleshooting.
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