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Top bar button not working
for more than two months the top bar buttons are not working ( sort button...)
Could you please tell us the TickTick version number and the system version of the devices you are using?
It would be more helpful for us to locate the issue if you can specify the case, provide us some screenshots, clips or some detailed operation steps via

Thanks so much.
Hi the problem is in the web and chrome extention the latest version
When i sellect all tasks in the same folder the top bar is not working any more but if choose a lspecific list it is working correctly
The issue here is always I want to change the sorting type of the task for one folder by selecting all task within that folder but it seems impossible
I don't know if it is bug or the conception of the app is so
Still sort of confused. Would you like to take us a clip to make sure we are on the same page?
when opening Ticktick chrome extension or on the web, and in the left sidebar {{id="left-view"}} there is a list of folder {{id="project-list-scroller"}} the under each folder we have list which leads to the task, at the bottom of the lists we have a list called "All Tasks" {{class="project-link group-project-all l-item active"}} , so when I click on the all task, it shows me all the task under the selected folder, and here start the issue
while I'm on the "all task screen"{{id="task-list-body"}} the buttons on the topbar ( sort ( sort by time, by title, by tag, by priority ), option ( hide completed, kanban...) {{id="task-action-bar"}}
also, if I select a task inside the same list ( all lists ) and I tried to change the priority from the top-right button {{class="btn-item priority-setting td-priority"}} it's disabled

again this button under the class {{class="project-settings-dropdown"}} is disabled

Could you please try it in the incognito mode OR switch to another browser, see if the issue can be resolved?
I tried with Safari , Fire Fox and chrome same issue not working
This is odd. We tried it on our end, but with no success to reproduce it. Would you like to take us a clip to make sure we did not miss the details?
ok send me an Email address for contact
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